Capability Enhancement Skill

Capability enhancement skill

Soft skills

It is the desirable qualities required for employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge, it is a combination of social and communication skill, character or personality trait,attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence quotientsamong others,that enable people to navigate their environment,work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. This skill also helps in building a good rapport between the doctor and the patient.


  • Building leadership excellence and dynamic communication skills
  • Boosting of oratory skills and fraternization
  • Optimizing administrative effectiveness
  • Increasing employability skills of students along with social empathy
  • Optimizing time managements skill along with interpersonal communication
  • Providing motivational training along with practical orientation



It is the ability to accurately receive and interpret communication process. Without effective listening, messageswill be easily misunderstood. This helps in developing a good relationship and interaction with the patient.


When the world is filled with many negative factors, one has to win hearts with a positive approach. Starting from teachers to students, teachers to parents anddoctors to patients, everyone will look for someone who is always living with a positive attitude. Students have to hone this skill to maintain their friendly atmosphere with everyone at an educational institute. With a positive attitude, students should consider some key areas that will help them develop a positive attitude such as high energy, enthusiastic, confident, cooperative, patient, respectable, respectful and sense of humor.


For a student, one will always have decisions to make. There will be opportunities like class representative,student union election and club president or representative leader that will test who the majority of people like and think should be a leader. But leaders can also come forth due to situations. Someone who is quick in thinking and can make the right decisions, coordinate other people and pull off an event or a situation with smooth functioning can spearhead as a leader. The skills that a leader should posses’ qualities like integrity, self-awareness, empathy, courage, respect and gratitude.


Students have to learn how to make decisions within the given time and how to apply it in practically. By doing, so they will have a stand of their own and will not have to depend on other people. By deciding which specilization to pick, which electives to chose and which co-curricular activities they must go for, they learn what is best for them, which will form the foundation of this skill. This skill will help in the development of apt diagnosis and treatment planning of the patients


Students must understand the importance of unity. In higher levels of work, people will have to work together, in doing so many times they will have to confront each other and argue. Multidisciplinary approach in treatment of patients requires team work.


Creative approach is needed in every aspect and it helps in understanding the world in a better way. This ideology gives the rest of the world a new perspective. Ideation and creation are, thus, very elemental parts of education.


Problem-solving skills is very important in every aspect of lifeas the world is uncertain, where any sort of situation can turn into an unfavorable one. Students should know how to solve situational problems. The skill also optimizes the young upcoming doctors to interact with patient to solve their problems.