In the intense preparation leading up to the 3rd BDS exam, a groundbreaking approach emerged with the advent of Rapid Review Revision- Titled “Exam Tips-2023”, a dynamic study technique that garnered attention from dental students nationwide. Ten distinguished speakers from various corners of India, renowned for their expertise in the dental field, came together to share invaluable insights and exam tips. The initiative, organized by Dept. of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, Annoor Dental College & Hospital, Muvattupuzha on 17.12.2023, took a forward-thinking step by conducting the program entirely online. This virtual platform facilitated an impressive turnout of over 550 participants. Annoor Dental College’s commitment to advancing dental education was evident in the meticulous organization of this online program, providing a unique learning experience and underscoring the institution’s dedication to adapting modern educational methods.

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