Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge

The Department of Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge deals with the replacement of natural teeth and contiguous maxillofacial tissues with artificial substitutes. This includes fabrication of complete and removable partial dentures, crowns, fixed dental prosthesis, laminate/veneers, inlays, post-endodontic restorations, maxillofacial prosthesis and implants.

The department avails the best use of most modern armamentarium for training the students and treating the patients.
1. One of the largest departments at the Annoor Dental College

2. Well-equipped Ceramic lab for preparation of metal ceramic and all ceramic restorations.

3. Equipped with the latest laboratory equipments, preclinical and phantom head laboratory to assist in preclinical training

‘To empower the undergraduate and post graduate students to think wholistically, to diagnose with perspicuity and to consistently perform prosthodontic treatments with the level of excellence and human tenderness as expected of them.”

“To become a premier department offering cutting edge Prosthodontic Care across the nation with an emphasis on Geriatric Dentistry.”

Prosthodontics & crown & Bridge
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