NAAC Quantitative


1.2.1 Inter-disciplinary / inter-departmental courses /training across all the Programmes offered by the College
1.2.2 Subject-related Certificate/ Diploma / Add-on courses
1.3 Curriculum Enrichment
1.3.2 Value added courses
A. List of value-added courses
B. Brochure or documents related to value added course/s
C. Additional information value added courses
1.3.4 Field visits/Clinical / industry internships/research projects/industry visits/community postings
2.1.2 Average percentage of seats filled in for the various programmes as againest the approved intake
2.2.1 The Institution assesses the learning levels of the students, after admission and organizes special programmes for advanced learners and slow performers
2.2.2 List of full time teachers
2.3.3 Teachers use ICT-enabled tools 2020-21
2.3.5 The teaching learning process of the institution 2020-21
2.6.2 Incremental performance in Pass percentage of final year students in the last five years
A. Additional information
B. Reports from Controller of Exam (COE) office/Registrar evaluation and the result analysis performed
2.5.4 Examination Policy
3. CRITERIA – Research, Innovations and Extension
3.1.1 Teachers recognized as PG/ Ph.D research guides by the respective University
3.1.2 Teachers awarded national /international fellowships /participation in conferences
3.1.3 Research projects/clinical trials funded by government, industries and nongovernmental agencies
3.2.2 Workshops/seminars conducted on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Research methodology, Good Clinical, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Collection practices, writing for Research Grants and Industry-Academia Collaborations
3.3.1 Code of Ethics for research
A. Code of Ethics
B. Additional information
3.3.2 Ph.D/ DM/ M Ch/ PG Degree in the respective disciplines received per recognized PG teacher of the Institution
3.3.3 Research papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC -CARE list in the UGC website/Scopus/ Web of Science/ PubMed
A. Attachments
B. Publications
3.3.4 Books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international conference proceedings
3.4.1 Extension and outreach activities
A. Webpage of camp photos
3.4.2 Average percentage of students participating in extension and outreach activities during the last five years
3.5 Collaboration
3.5.1 Collaborative activities for research, faculty exchange, student exchange/Industry-internship
3.5.2 MoUs/linkages with Institutions/ Industries in India and abroadfor academic, clinical training / internship, on-the job training, project work, student / facultyexchange, collaborative research programmes
5.1.1 Average percentage of students benefited by scholarships
5.1.2 Capability enhancement and development schemes
5.3 Student Participation and Activities
5.3.1 Awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities at State/Regional (zonal)/ National / International levels (award for a team event
A. Additional Information
B. E-copies of award letters & certificates
6.2.2 Implementation of e-governance in areas of operation
A. Additional information
6.3.3 Faculty development programme
7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
7.1.1 Gender equity sensitization programmes
7.1.5 Water conservation facilities in the Institution
7.1.6 Green campus initiatives of Institution
7.1.7 Disabled-friendly, barrier-free environment
7.1.9 Code of conduct handbook
8. CRITERIA – Dental Part
8.1.3 Institution follows infection control protocols during clinical teaching
8.1.5 The students are trained for using High End Equipment for Diagnostic and the rapeutic purposes in the Institution.
A. Usage Register
B. Invoice of purchase
C. Geotagged photos
8.1.11 Expenditure on Dental materials and other consumables used for studenttraining during the last five years.
8.1.12 Establishment of Dental Education Department by the College for the range and quality ofFaculty Development Programmes in emerging trends in Dental Educational Technology
A. List of teachers participated in seminars/conferences/ workshops on emerging trends in Medical Educational technology organized by the DEU of the College
B. List of seminars/conferences/workshops on emerging trends in Dental Educational Technology organized by the DEU