NAAC Qualitative


1.1 Curricular Planning and Implementation
1.1.1 Curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation as prescribed by the respective regulatory councils and the affiliating University
A. Minutes of the meeting of the college curriculum committee
B. Minutes of the meeting of the college curriculum committee 2020-21
1.3 Curriculum Enrichment
1.3.1 List of courses with their descriptions
2.2.3 Innate talent /aptitude of individual students
2.3.1 Environment facilities
2.3.5 The teaching learning process of the institution nurtures creativity, analytical skills and innovation among students
2.5.1 Conduct of internal assessment examinations
2.5.3 Reforms in the process and procedure in the conduct of evaluation/examination
A. Information on examination reforms
B. Other relevant information
2.6.1 Learning outcomes (generic and programme-specific) and graduate attributes as per the provisions of the Regulatory bodies and the University
A. Other relevant information
B. Course Outcomes for all courses
C. Learning outcomes and graduate attributes
2.6.3 The teaching learning and assessment processes of the Institution are aligned with the stated learning outcomes
2.6.4 Parent-teachers meetings, remedial measures undertaken and outcome analysis
A. Proceedings of parent –teachers meetings
B. Follow up reports on the action taken and outcome analysis
3. CRITERIA – Research, Innovations and Extension
3.2.1 Ecosystem for innovations including incubation centre and other initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge
A. Attachments
B. Any other relevant information
3.4.3 Awards and recognitions received for extension and outreach activities from Government / other recognised bodies
A. Link for any other relevant information
B. List of awards for extension activities inthe last 5 year
C. E-copies of the award letters
3.4.4 Institutional social responsibility activities in the neighborhood community in terms ofeducation, environmental issues like Swachh Bharath, health and hygiene awareness, delivery offree/ subsidized health care and socio economic development issues carried out by the students and staff
A. Institutional Social response activities
4.1.2 Facilities for sports/games and for cultural activities
A. Sports and cultural facilities
B. Geotagged photographs of sports facilities
C. List of sports
4.1.3 General campus facilities and overall ambience
4.3.1 Integrated Library Management System
4.3.2 Library Facilities
A. Data on acquisition of books / journals/Manuscripts in the library
B. Library Ambiance
C. Other relevant information
4.3.5 Access usage of library /library usage programmes
A. Library usage by teachers and students
B. Library user programmes
4.4.2 IT facilities and computer availability including Wi-Fi
A. IT and Wi-Fi facilities
B. Other relevant information
4.5.2 Maintenance of Academic and support facilities
A. Other relevant information
B. Meetings of Maintenance Committee
C. Record Maintenance
5.1.4 Active international student cell to facilitate study in India program
5.1.5 Redressal of student grievances 2020-21
5.3.2 Student Council, its activities related to student welfare and student representation in academic & administrative bodies/ committees of the Institution
A. Presence of Students council
B. Student Welfare activity
C. Student welfare activities 2020-21
5.4.1 Alumni Engagement
A. Meetings of alumni asociation
B. Alumni Association activities
C. Audited statement of accounts of the Alumni Association
D. Quantum of financial contribution
E. Additional Information
F. Alumni engagement 2020-21
5.4.2 Areas of contribution by the Alumni Association / Chapters
6.1.1 Vision and mission of the institution
A. Vision and mission
6.1.2 Effective leadership reflected in various institutional practices such asdecentralization andparticipative management
A. Organisational structure
6.2.1 Strategy Development and Deployment
A. Minutes of the College Council/ other relevant bodies for deployment
A.1 Minutes of the College Council – 2021
B. Organisational structure
C. Link for strategic Plan document
6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies
6.3.1 The institution has effective welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staff
A. Policy document on the welfare measures
B. List of beneficiaries of welfare measures
C. List of beneficiaries of welfare measures 2020-2021
6.3.5 Institution has Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non-teaching staff
A. Performance Appraisal System
B. Other relevant document
6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization
6.4.1 Strategies for mobilisation of funds and the optimal utilisation of resources
A. Procedures for optimal resource utilization
B. Resource mobilization policy document duly approved by College Council/other administrative bodies
6.4.2 Internal and external financial audits
6.4.2B Institution internal and external financial audits 2020-21
6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System
6.5.1 Institution has a streamlined Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism
A. Structure and mechanism for Internal Quality Assurance
B. Minutes of the IQAC meetings
7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
7.1.2 Promotion of gender equity
A Annual gender sensitization action plan
B Other relevant information
7.1.4 Facilities in institution for management of degradable and non-degradable waste
A Documents with Government and other approved agencies
B Geotagged photographs of the facilities
C Other relevant information
7.1.8 Initiatives in providing an inclusive environment
7.1.10 Institution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative days, events and festivals
7.2.1 Institutional Best Practices
A Best Practices
8. CRITERIA – Dental Part
8.1.12 Establishment of Dental Education Department by the College for the range and quality ofFaculty Development Programmes in emerging trends in Dental Educational Technology
A. List of teachers participated in seminars/conferences/ workshops on emerging trends in Medical Educational technology organized by the DEU of the College
B. List of seminars/conferences/workshops on emerging trends in Dental Educational Technology organized by the DEU
B1. List of seminars/conferences/workshops on emerging trends in Dental Educational Technology organized by the DEU 2020-2021
8.1.4 Orientation / Foundation courses practiced in the institution for students entering the college /clinics / internship
A. Orientation program 2020-2021
Feedback Report
Action Taken Report