Mission & Vision

Vision of the college is to promote and foster to the national and international relations to nurture and elevate the individual and institutional merit, and to always keep in mind the needs of the underprivileged in all our goals of promoting human excellence. It aims to achieve quality at every level of management, academic and administrative practice and have a distinctive work climate of service to the neediest. The college aspires to elevate the treatment quality to the third dimension by providing clarity of communication through intradepartmental and interdepartmental discussions, debates via continuing dental education programs. The institution also aims in reduction of workplace stress by incorporating and integrating digitized platforms; for entering, storing and analysing patient data has been established. The institute trains general, Specialized & Allied professional personnel to meet regional & national oral health care services.The institution imparts holistic education in a conducive learning environment through excellent faculty and adequate infrastructure and resources. The institute functions as a centre of excellence for professional education, so that the students not only excel in their chosen field but also develops ethical values. The Institute aims in providing sound clinical and bio-technical education through highly qualified and experienced faculty to churn out excellent medically competent dental professionals. We also desire to serve the unserved. Our endeavour is to provide excellent infrastructure and academic ambiance conducive to advanced learning. We aim to be efficient, effective, community Acceptable and thusaspire to emerge as the best dental college in India.
The mission of the college is to impart quality education in dentistry and to provide good health and well-being to all sections of the society. We target to extend service to the needy, service to humanity is our final goal in all our endeavours. The institution plans to have an integrated system of providing service that aims to reach the very last person who needs it the most.

To foster relations with competent organizations who hold similar values and interest.

To inculcate, encourage and promote research in the academic and clinical fields among students and faculty.

To provide a full-fledged research support system within the college.

To develop a scientific temper, build relations with likeminded organizations, and elevate the quality of controlled research to attain a globally recognized level of research practice. To educate the common man about oral health awareness through community education. To nurture and boost oral health care amongst the most disadvantaged by outreach programs. To build and provide world class infrastructure and facilities with quality teachers and to conduct valid academic programs of practical and real world knowledge of dentistry. To transfer scientific knowledge to achieve professional skill and personal qualities of international standard.

To provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative Oral health care with promoting excellence in dental education, innovative research and community service to improve the overall health of the population.

The institution emboldens student performance in all academic activities by having a participatory, interactive and unbiased contact between students and faculty, hastening prompt feedback and leading to reciprocity and cooperation among students. The system identifies and respects diverse talents and mentors’ new ways of active time-based learning of brainstorming and demonstrative lessons. This has brought value andadded growth to our academic eminence.

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